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Youth Programs

Inmate Re-Entry Services

Anti-Bullying Workshop

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Mark Johnson

“I believe living a life of purpose entails Inspiring, Impacting, and Empowering those in the space I occupy.’’

A true “Rags to Riches” story, Mark Johnson is a refreshing change from the standard speakers today. Narrowly escaping death and suffering through childhood abuse, Mark’s real life experiences have given him the unique power to impact his audience and instill lasting change.


Mark grew up in the inner city and though he was surrounded by many people, he was completely alone in his heart and mind. He ran with gang cliques and hung with the wrong crowds. He appeared strong yet was a victim of peer pressure and a slew of bullying that would make any child cower in shame and sadness.


He soon turned his hurt into anger and sought to victimize those who hurt him. He became a bully himself even though somewhere in his heart he always cared for the underdog. A robbery left him nearly dead after a gun pointed directly in his face failed to fire. Mark escaped death and now helps others do the same.


Mark’s passion stems from his personal experiences. He knew he had to give back to the youth and people of this nation who suffer from the same experiences and pain. Mark served as a commissioned officer in the military and went on to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and his master’s degree in Human Resources Development.


He recently retired from the largest federal prison in the United States and lives his life as a “change agent”. Due to the positive change witnessed by the administrators and organizations he was servicing, Mark was forced to expand his horizons.


As a result of the overwhelming demand for Mark’s services and his desire to bring positive change to a larger scale, he founded the organization Life to the Brim. As a transformational speaker, Mark impacts large audiences of students, inmates and adults from all walks of life.


Mark Johnson has both graced audiences of thousands and sat one-on-one with personal coaching clients. Whether motivating a crowd or speaking life-giving principles to a single person, Mark’s life mission is to help others achieve their dreams and inspire people of all ages to “Live Life to the Brim”.

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