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Mark Johnson,
Speaker, Coach, Author

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What are you doing with your life?

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Huge Advancement
in Citizen Re-Entry
Now Approved in Florida

On December 19th, 2023 the Florida Department of Corrections Clearing House approved Mark A. Johnson's Trauma Informed Corrections Program for Returning Citizens and Other Trauma-Affected Populations, to be taught as both a general population and Re-entry program for returning citizens preparing to release.


‘‘By addressing the root causes of trauma and providing evidence-based interventions, this program aims to reduce recidivism rates, promote healing, and create safer and more resilient communities overall.’’    – Mark Johnson


The Florida Department of Corrections' approval of the Trauma Informed Corrections Program demonstrates their commitment to promoting rehabilitation, reintegration and community well-being. 


This innovative approach recognizes the importance of addressing trauma and its impact on individuals within the criminal justice system, ultimately leading to better outcomes for returning citizens and the communities they belong to. 

Mark’s Mission

You can live a life of purpose, positively impacting those in the space you occupy.


As a motivational speaker, inspirational coach, and mentor to trainers, Mark works with hundreds of prisons, schools, churches, organizations, and personal clients.


“My goal is to transform people’s lives with determination and passion to see others live to their highest potential.’’

Mark Johnson

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Hire Mark!

Whether motivating a crowd of students, inmates or adults or speaking life-giving principles to a single person, Mark’s life mission is to help others achieve their dreams and inspire people of all ages to “Live Life to the Brim”.  


Please contact Mark about speaking at your next event:

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Client Experiences

"The Dream Coaching program Mark Johnson presented to the Boys and Girls Club earlier this year as a pilot was nothing less than remarkable! Engineers are taught how to build buildings, but it really takes time to teach children and even adults how to build their lives. The Teen Dream Coaching Program Mr. Johnson suggested for our teens not only inspired but transformed their minds so they may realize their full potential as well."


Boys & Girls Clubs of Lake and Sumter Counties
Alicia Brinson, Unit Director

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